Forum For Societal Change


If you believe that what we are trying to do is good for our country and should be pursued, we kindly request that you assist in funding our various activities by donating any amount to the Forum.
Your cooperation in advancing the pace of development in our country through better governance, will be highly appreciated.

UBA Bank Account Details:

  • Account Name: Forum for Societal Change
  • Account No: 53030030011150
  • Account Type: USD current Account

The Liberian Dream

The Forum For Societal Change consist of a group of Patriotic Liberians committed to accelerating the pace of development in Liberia by promoting better Governance leading to better development results.

  1. Promoting a successful transition(change) of leadership in Liberia as a result of the 2017 Presidential and Legislative elections. Success is defined as free, fair and peaceful.
  2. Strengthening the National legislature by ensuring that a new breed of men and women of good character who are conversant with the issues of National development and who are committed to placing the interest of Liberia first are elected to form a part of the next legislative assembly.
  3. Making the elections more issues based through research and dissemination of factual information and raising issues of National concerns for debates and discussions.
  4. Assist in the organization of debates especially amongst candidates vying for legislative positions.
  5. Constructively engaging the Government of the day to ensure that the promised development agenda put forward during the campaign is reflected in policies, annual budgets and programs.
  6. Advocate for the implementation of the tenets, principles and practice of good governance throughout the three branches of government i.e. we don't want to do the same thing over and over each year and get the same old result like the budgetary shortfall scenario reported each year but that we adopt new ideas and methods that lead to new and better development results.
  7. To identify and publicize negative attitudes and behaviors exhibited by public servants which serve as obstacles to good governance and development efforts.